Lost world in Riverside Park.

A few weeks ago, Esau, the hairy man, and I walked north on the Forever Wild trail. Beyond the tennis courts, somewhere around 121st Street, the trail disappears in an overgrown meadow. There we stumbled upon evidence of a lost world existing beneath our feet in Riverside Park.


Riverside Park Tyrannosaurus rex.

A very grumpy park worker was mowing the meadow, completely unaware of the beasts lurking in the jungle. We forged on.

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2 Comments on “Lost world in Riverside Park.”

  1. Charlotte Says:

    I am now a follower of Esau, the hairy man (hee hee)… or at least I think I signed up to follow…?!

  2. katrinka Says:

    Hey! Notify the AMNH. It’s one of those newly discovered tiny T. rexes — in the news this week!

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