Riverside Park: The Secret Life of Fruit

Posting of the journey home from 137th Street is being delayed in order to bring you this special bulletin.

Several entries ago, I posted the question: Do squirrels nest in the retaining wall of Riverside Park?  I have since acquired sufficient evidence to believe that they do, although I welcome other opinions, including from my new friends at NYC’s Urban Park Rangers (more on the Rangers in a future post).

Today I bring you a far more startling revelation of nesting behavior, this time–hold on to your hats, ladies and gentlemen– in the vegetable world.

Evidence indicates that Big Apple apples may be nesting in Riverside Park.


An apple takes refuge in Riverside Park.

What could be causing such behavior? Stress? Over-crowding in the markets?


A closer look at a nesting apple

Half a block away, on 108th street, we spotted an apple escaping the confines of a trash can. Is this a desperate break for a new life? A call to action? Will this apple join its tribe in Riverside Park?


An apple escapes.

So many questions, so few facts.

Please help by sending photographic evidence documenting the secret life of fruit.

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2 Comments on “Riverside Park: The Secret Life of Fruit”

  1. pat hoey Says:

    Maybe it’s a question of apples & oranges. Or maybe a question of apples, not oranges. Or maybe neither and both.

  2. Charlotte Says:

    This is hysterical!

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