Heading Home: South from 136th Street

Esau and I are heading south from West 136th Street, passing high above the city on the viaduct. The Hudson and New Jersey lie to the west. To the east, dreary apartment buildings (but what views they must have!) and a remarkable number of self-storage facilities.

At 123rd Street and Riverside Drive, we duck down a little path to visit the Amiable Child Monument. A four year-old boy, St. Claire Pollack, was buried here in 1797. The area to the east was farms and country estates then. One hundred years later, as you can see below, Riverside Park, now so green, was almost treeless.

Amiable Child Monument in 1900

Amiable Child Monument today

Northwest of the monument, near the viaduct, is a rose garden named for the boy.

St. Clair Place, with its inexplicable alternate spelling, runs two blocks from the river to meet both 125th and 129th Streets.

A block south of the amiable child, Grant’s Tomb looms large through mostly bare branches.

On the Forever Wild trail, someone has put up a wren house and hung a suet feeder from a bare branch.

Underfoot, leaves, leaves, leaves:

A whole dumpster full of fallen leaves:

When the leaves are dry, like today, they rustle so loudly that squirrels hunting for nuts sound like bears.

Look: a mysterious box on a bench!

Esau sits by mysterious box and wonders.

Inside are the remains of a white powdery substance. Hmmm.

Esau briefly escapes.

Time to go home.

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2 Comments on “Heading Home: South from 136th Street”

  1. pat hoey Says:

    Amiable children should be celebrated in every way.

  2. Charlotte Says:

    Lovely. Great photos and layout. So mysterious, this amiable child…and Esau, how do you get him to tilt his head like that?

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