The Secret Life of Fruit: Bananas in L.A.

Buyer, beware

On November 16th, Out walking the dog posted evidence of unusual nesting behavior in New York apples, and asked readers to send pictures and stories documenting abnormal fruit activity.

A correspondent in East Los Angeles recently sent the photo below:

"Walking around the loop this a.m. and saw my meditation bench was already occupied..."

Reader, keep your eyes, if not your bananas, peeled.   Out walking the dog will continue to collect and publish evidence. Send photos or drawings to:

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2 Comments on “The Secret Life of Fruit: Bananas in L.A.”

  1. daddy0 Says:

    Only my daughter could find out about that banana. Daddy-O

  2. Charlotte Says:

    Hey, I know that banana!

    Looks like there’s soon to be an avalanche of pineapples rolling down Broadway.

    Happy Turkey Day!

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