Blink-and-it’s-over Blizzard in Riverside Park

A thirty-minute blizzard swept through Riverside Park on Friday morning. Snow poured down on a cross-country skier

on new Parks Department signs letting us know it’s okay to ski here

on a baby evergreen tree

on the Hudson River

on an elderly Asian exerciser

on a soccer team, calling it quits

on a Mutt and Jeff couple: trash can and lamp post

on Esau, happy in the snow

Then, suddenly, the snow stopped.

Today, Sunday, ice floes hustle down the Hudson toward the harbor

The cold remains, but the snow is mostly gone

No skiing today.

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One Comment on “Blink-and-it’s-over Blizzard in Riverside Park”

  1. Charlotte Says:

    It’s lovely to be in the park with you and Esau today, I can almost feel the cold…(also admiring of Esau’s fluffy coat, seems like he’s sprouted more fur!)

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