Eagle Owl in Flight

I can’t resist stepping beyond my local Manhattan focus to share this truly phenomenal video from the UK:

Eagle Owl in Flight

Better than IMAX, so you might want to put down your coffee cup.


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6 Comments on “Eagle Owl in Flight”

  1. I should have written a little more about the Eagle Owl, so here goes. It’s scientific name is, get this, Bubo bubo. Yes, really. Bubo bubo is related to the Great Horned Owl, which is a smaller Bubo. Bubo bubo is a Eurasian owl, widespread in a range of habitats. Average wingspan is almost six feet, and can reach seven feet(!). That’s a wingspan the size of Dallas Maverick, Dirk Nowitski. My friends, that is just huge.

    Bubo bubo eats just about anything it can kill from rodents and lizards to baby deer and foxes. Mates for life, but solitary outside the breeding period. Eagle owls have lived over 60 years in captivity.

  2. Charlotte Says:

    Okay, I will answer my own question. Of course not! But I’d just seen Avatar and my mind was awash with possibilities.

  3. Charlotte Says:

    Is that real? I mean, does an owl exist inside an eagle’s wing spread like that in nature?

  4. pat hoey Says:

    A squirrel’s p.o.v.? Terrifying! Thanks for the link.

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