Lonely Shoes and Invasive Black Gloves

Abandoned in Riverside Park & Beyond

Lonely old shoe seeks companion

What happened to our feet?

Manhattan Boot Contemplates New Jersey

and some miles east …

Long Island boot dreams of the farther shore

On a more sinister note, black gloves invade Riverside Park

Big black glove creeps along Riverside Park retaining wall

and inside the park

Big black glove signals its cohorts: "A-OK"

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3 Comments on “Lonely Shoes and Invasive Black Gloves”

  1. pat hoey Says:

    There is probably a soul-mate for every such abandoned or lost shoe or glove, but not identical, which wouldn’t work at all. (According to Plato, anyway.)

  2. Charlotte Says:

    i will send you our version of “lonely shoes,” hanging on a telephone wire. one wonders how the owners walked home….

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