Lost World Resurfaces in Riverside Park: Friday Ark #282

A recent walk led to an astonishing discovery, further evidence of the Lost World of Riverside Park.

Esau's Discovery

The beast was completely hidden at the base of a tree, high on a slope below the retaining wall near 112th Street.

Two Gray Beasts

So now we wonder … do elephants nest in the retaining wall?

Elephant's coloring may have evolved as adaptation to Riverside Park habitat

Added 2/12/2010: This post is part of the Friday Ark #282, a blog carnival of animals of all kinds, from mammals to reptiles to invertebrates and more. Do stop by the Ark every Friday and visit the animals!

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2 Comments on “Lost World Resurfaces in Riverside Park: Friday Ark #282”

  1. I think those guys may be relics of a lost world, too. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go buy Doritos, soda & other junk for the game.

  2. Charlotte Says:

    You know the world’s out of whack when the super bowl supersedes this kind of discovery!

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