Recent Storm Decimates NYC Umbrella Population

Saturday’s storm appears to have caused severe declines in the population of New York umbrellas. A Sunday morning stroll through a ravaged upper Broadway revealed bones, skin and entire carcasses strewn about the streets.

Stripped clean

Umbrella skin

Callous New Yorker walks past umbrella in distress

Red umbrella seeks solace with bicycles

Trail of tears

Easy for you to laugh, Elmo

Together to the bitter end

Umbrella bones

The dustbin of umbrella history

Red flag surrenders

Despite the obvious dangers of the New York streets, new umbrellas arrive every day, seeking the excitement of big city life.

Young umbrellas await an unknown future

We wish them luck.

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13 Comments on “Recent Storm Decimates NYC Umbrella Population”

  1. Susan DeMark Says:

    Laugh-out-loud funny. Great images and captions!

    This is why I hardly ever carry an umbrella in the city. You’re just risking heartbreak.

  2. Matilde Says:

    I’m 13.I’m from Milan and my English is not so good,but I can say your photos about New York’s umbrellas are funny and amusing.I love Esau !

  3. Joan Says:

    Oh my goodness!
    That’s amazing

  4. Wren Says:

    I was in the airport Sunday night, very glad that my destination was *not* New York or any other east coast city.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    When Tom was in town (your town) he described in detail this tragedy, especially at the corner 88th and Fifth, where he lost his umbrella and then observed from a distance everyone else losing theirs too. Glad spring is on its way…..

  6. Neat collection of dead umbrella pix. When I was walking around I thought: Is there a garbage can that doesn’t have a disabled umbrella?

  7. vermont tourist Says:

    A trail of blood beneath umbrella bones
    So sad.

    Have you come across their breeding grounds in your park excursions? With luck their population will spring back to pre-storm levels before the next heavy rain.

    • Melissa Says:

      I don’t think they breed or are native to Manhattan. They seem to be an invasive species with a high reproductive rate and a constant supply of adventurous young that find their way into the city. I wonder about their life span, too. A great number don’t survive their first year, but I’ve known others to live for five or more years, sometimes maimed but still functioning. Another interesting feature is their ability to move from one habitat to another, living quietly in foyers, closets and entryways and often going home with complete strangers. A fascinating species!

  8. pat hoey Says:

    Alas, poor umbrellers! Now it’s time for the parasols to take over, frivolous creatures though they may be.

  9. daddy0 Says:

    Spring will come and all will be healed. Daddy-O

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