Tribeca Coyote and Central Park Coyote: One and the Same?

Tribeca coyote outside the Holland Tunnel

(For more photos of the chase and capture, visit the UK’s Daily Mail.)

The coyote is now at Animal Care & Control of NYC on East 110th Street, where discussions are underway about her future.

Below is the Central Park coyote several weeks ago, free.  Compare with the coyote above.  Is the Central Park coyote the same animal as the captured Tribeca coyote?

Or does the Central Park coyote still roam free?

Photo by Bruce Yolton at

What do you think?

For more NYC coyote articles by Out walking the dog, including sightings in Central Park, visit the archives.

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4 Comments on “Tribeca Coyote and Central Park Coyote: One and the Same?”

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  2. mthew Says:

    Hummm, I’m just fantasizing about the movie Wolfen, where the superwolves come back to the city and eat hedge fund managers. Actually, I may be updating the plot just a bit…

    With coyotes come ravens, and there is a now a nesting pair in Queens. This species has largely be confined to forested and mountainous regions north and west for more than a century, but they are expanding. There’s been an interesting discussion of our two species of crows, two species of vultures, and the ravens, lately on the birding mailing list

    • Melissa Says:

      Ha! Wolfen, yes, I think I liked Wolfen, if I remember right. May be time to see it again. You think we’re headed for a spate of scary animal-human hybrid movies? I wouldn’t mind, if it meant cat people, and werewolves, or werecoywolves. I’m quite fond of all that. There’s certainly been a plethora of vampires, although I’ve seen none of the recent incarnations.

      Fascinating abt the connection between coyotes and ravens. Who knew the coyotes were working for the ravens? Big bosses, ravens. I’d love to see one here.

      • Sunny Says:

        That’s a great point about the Ravens. I saw several of them in Ft. Tryon last summer and was amazed at the sight. I didn’t think at the time to connect it to coyotes.

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