Saint John the Divine: A Secret Garden in Morningside Heights

The grounds of Saint John the Divine Cathedral in Morningside Heights are stunning.

The secret garden at Saint John the Divine

They are also open to the community for strolling and contemplation.Peacocks roam freely through the gardens.

White peacock strolls in its gardens

or parade along ledgesWhenever they choose, the peacocks can retire to their large coop to watch the world go byFlowers bloom everywhere

and brass birds keep watch

Crazy Mohawk bird

Griffon in the garden

Friendly dove

At the back of the Cathedral, high above Morningside Heights, a pair of red-tailed hawks nest on the shoulders of a long-suffering saint

Photo by rbs at

Saint John the Divine is a magical place. Come visit.

Please stop by Bloomingdale Village for more photos of Saint John’s resident hawks. Although I have not seen them, the babies have apparently hatched.

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3 Comments on “Saint John the Divine: A Secret Garden in Morningside Heights”

  1. […] hugged the side of Saint John the Divine, and the stone steps that lead into the […]

  2. Rebecca Says:

    That first photo is gorgeous – is that a redbud I spy? My absolute favorite flowering tree.

  3. rbs Says:

    Due to the height of the nest, the red-tail babies probably won’t be visible for a couple weeks.

    A few years ago, it took us about a month to figure out that there were three babies up there that season.

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