Eden on the Hudson

Yesterday, New York pulled summer heat and humidity out of seasonal storage, and transformed itself, as it does every summer, into a tropical city.

Upper Broadway sizzled.

Hot sounds

Hot colors.

Hot painted ponies.

Scorching hot ATM at Juanito's Barber Shop

In Riverside Park, workers plant new trees to cool the paths and hillsides.

Sweaty struggle with recalcitrant root ball

“Looks like a big job,” I say.

“Nah,” says the man. “Only fifteen trees.”

Oh, only fifteen.

Big baby tree throws itself to the ground

Back on Broadway, I find further proof, if proof were needed, that my city is a tropical paradise.

The Garden of Eden is in New York.

I may not live in the garden – they say Eden is guarded by an angel with a flaming sword – but I can shop there.

Later, a pigeon takes a break from parental duties at its nearby nest, and surveys the schoolyard,

where the blazing hot walls scream: “Save the animals” in bright blue paint.

Save the Animals

After sunset, a hawk flies home to its nest high on Saint John the Divine to tuck its three fuzzy babies in for the night.

Home for the night

(This post is part of My World Tuesday, a weekly blog compilation from around the world.)

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5 Comments on “Eden on the Hudson”

  1. […] for almost 20 years, I am still delighted, two years since moving back, each time I return home to Eden on the Hudson. Oh, I know it’s not all roses (though roses are in bloom right now behind the benches in the […]

  2. Larryd Says:

    Great series of photos!

  3. eileeninmd Says:

    Wonderful post and very colorful photos. Neat shot of the Hawk flying home.

  4. pat hoey Says:

    A love song to the very Upper West Side–loverly!

  5. Charlotte Says:

    I can feel the humidity, smell the sweat, see the blur of tropical colors; man it’s hot out there!

    love the pic of the hawk flying home….

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