We Are One!

Yes, we’re one!

No, I’m not making a political or spiritual pronouncement by proclaiming our oneness. It’s just that yesterday marked the first anniversary of the existence of Out Walking the Dog, and I feel like celebrating. On October 29th, 2009, we published our first blog post.  Time to party!

The blogiversary made me wonder how we’re doing in terms of our development, so I did a little research.  According to the CDC’s Department for Health and Human Services, Out Walking the Dog is smack on target for key developmental milestones.  Like most healthy one-year-olds, we’ve been babbling for months already, and have now progressed to “babbling with inflection.”  That means we sound remarkably like we’re making sense.  (Click on the arrow to listen up.)   Sounds about right to me.


Fall 2010

Esau and I are each a year older (wiser, not so much), still madly in love with our strange and magical city, and happy to go out walking every day.  Over the course of the year, we’ve received some nice out-of-the-blue publicity, including profiles in the New York Times and Modern Dog magazine (yes, it’s a real magazine – Esau is nothing if not up-to-date).

Mostly, we’re grateful to you, dear reader, for your interest, and  hope you’ll stick around for our second year.  If we continue to meet age-appropriate developmental milestones, we should be speaking in actual sentences any day now.  Yes, there’s always something to look forward to at Out Walking the Dog.

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16 Comments on “We Are One!”

  1. Kurt Mantooth Says:

    Happy Anniversary, you crazy thang.

  2. Literary Dog Says:

    How fitting to find your blog on its first anniversary, just as I have begun my own. Congratulations! Here’s to walking the dogs in NYC.

  3. Steve Creek Says:

    Congrats on the 1 year anniversary!

  4. Happy Blogday! May our two blogs grow old gracefully together! I’m wondering whether blog years are closer to dog years than human ones. Sometimes it feels like it as the time between posts seems to fly by.
    You know how much I have enjoyed keeping up to speed with your and Esau’s adventures in the big apple. Long may your often poetic blogging continue.

    Best wishes


  5. Happy Blogiversary! A toast to you and Esau and many good wishes for another year of adventures!

  6. Thank you, everyone, for your good wishes. Matthew, I’m still laughing at the idea of Postmodern Dog magazine.

  7. mthew Says:

    Postmodern Dog Magazine is also a good read, albeit occasionally too theoretical…happy anniversary. Not too much Champagne for Alias Esau now.

  8. Congratulations on your anniversary! Maybe you’ll end up in a movie like “Julia & Julia.” Whatever happens persistence does pay off!

    One thing I persisted in was being a volunteer dog walker at my local shelter. I wrote an article about this that might be of interest to your readers. May I be so bold as to offer that link here?!

    I am also in a bold mood because I am building a volunteer dog walking group in VA to help pit bulls participate in the upcoming “Jingle Bell Run/Walk.” Is there anyway you could help me get the word out?

    Cheers! (I mean woofs!)


  9. Bill Says:

    Although I’m relatively new to Out Walking the Dog I really enjoy your adventures. Congratulations on making the one year mark, you’d be surprised how many blogs don’t make this land mark.

  10. John Says:

    Many happy returns, you little babbler. Keep up the wonderful work.

  11. Roxie Says:

    Happy blogiversary, OWTD! Pleasure sharing the blogosphere with you. You’re doin’ all right for such a young cuss. :-)

  12. p hoey Says:

    Keep on burbling, babbling and blogging–it all makes sense to me!
    A toast to you and Esau el Splendido…

  13. Barbara Says:

    Hey Congratulations to both you and Esau – What a great milestone! Love your blog, especially since I walk my two gigantic labs every day – but not in a city – not any more that is – but your adventures in an urban environment are a terrific read! I’m going to go back through some of your older posts since I’m a newbie to your blog and have enjoyed it so much so far. Again congratulations and here’s to lots and lots more celebrations!

  14. Charlotte Says:

    Was that recorded baby Esau’s first cousin once removed? What happy gurgling sounds! Congratulations outwalkingthedog, here’s to a long life and many happy posts. Remember we’re toasting sometime soon. xo

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