NYC Snowtorious: after the blizzard

During the early hours of Monday’s snowfall, Esau and I walked in Riverside Park

Esau braves the wind and snow

Snow dusted the retaining wall.

Beautiful old Olmsted wall and young evergreen

Later we gazed out the window at Gotham transformed and almost invisible through the snow.

Guardian of Gotham

Tuesday morning the snow stopped. We made our way through the streets to visit family. We passed children scaling a mountain in front of the long-closed Metro Theater.

King and Queen of the Hill


We marveled at a buried car and rejoiced that it was not ours.

This is a car. Really.

We had our picture taken in Central Park.

Esau disguised as Henrik Ibsen in his later years

Today, Wednesday, in Riverside Park, children and adults slid down the slope at 108th Street on sleds, saucers, garbage can lids, cardboard boxes, trash bags and a variety of Unidentified Sliding Objects.

Swift down, slow up

A collection of rejected objects huddled at the base of the steps with a bottle of Bud.

Rejected objects seek consolation in alcohol.

Away from the sledding slope, the park was surprisingly quiet and almost empty. We spotted two or three dog walkers and five cross-country skiiers

Skiing the upper path

The snow is lovely, dark and deep,

Check out the salt-protecting booties

We saw no birds and only one squirrel.  But the snow, still largely undisturbed, told us the animals had been out

Kilroy was here

Squirrel marks went every which way

Crazy feet

Squirrels can also tunnel in the snow, although I didn’t see this myself.

As we left the park, we spotted elves among bare branches

Evidence of elves in Riverside Park

Tomorrow may bring sightings of members of the tribe of New York City snow beings. We’ll be watching.

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15 Comments on “NYC Snowtorious: after the blizzard”

  1. Kate Long Says:

    I’ve never seen a tunelling squirrel. Very cute!

  2. Wren Says:

    So glad you’re enjoying – I’ve heard so many awful tales of flights gone with the wind (and snow) that it’s nice to be reminded that there is an upside to the white stuff.

  3. Donna Says:

    Thanks for the snowy images of NYC. The same nor’easter gave us 11.8 inches here in Philly.

  4. Such cute pictures! I love Esau’s little boots. The mountain of snow in front of the Metro Theater is pretty impressive too.

  5. Charlotte Says:

    Was hoping those shots of Henrik and the elephant hiding under the hat/car would find their way to a new post. Lovely! like daddy-o, more more more….

  6. Alice Says:

    Such a vicarious kick to snow-walk with you and the booty-ful E… favorite caption: “Esau disguised as Henrik Ibsen in his later years” because I could SEE it exactly. Also thanks for the clip on the snow tunneling squirrel. NEVER saw such a thing, a squirrel-ly delight.

  7. daddy0 Says:

    fabulous, beutiful, amazing. More!!!

  8. Barbara Says:

    The whole of North America watched as NYC and other eastern seaboard areas were snowed in – you’ve caught the joy and beauty of snow. It can be fun as well as a nuisance! I LOVE this sequence of images… thanks so much for taking us on your walk through such a beautiful version of the city!

  9. Very magical walk New York walk you and Esau took, everything transformed, mysterious. Loved it, thanks!

  10. Melanie Says:

    Thanks for the walk through snowy New York. I’ve always loved the quiet that comes down with the snow and when pedestrians (and dogs!) rule the otherwise busy by-ways.

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