Out Walking the Dog’s Top Ten Posts of 2010

Readers prefer mastodons.

I’ve always avoided top ten lists. In fact, I’ve disparaged the whole concept as basically, well, idiotic. But I recently discovered that the statistics tracker on my blog, which counts each time someone visits, can also tell me how many times each blog post has been viewed over the past year.

A post about feeding wild animals is a favorite.

The very existence of this useless information exerts a mysterious allure, as if it contained some important hidden meaning just waiting to be revealed.  It doesn’t, of course.  But I can’t resist the pull. So, for whatever amusement or revelation may be found, I here present … (drum roll, please) …

Out Walking the Dog’s Top Ten (Most Viewed) Posts of 2010.

1. Mastodons in Manhattan: How the Honey Locust Tree Got Its Spikes

2. Feeding Wild Animals: Squirrel Man Calls to his Friends

3. NYC Wildlife: The Pigeons Outside My Window

4. NYC Coyote Existential: Where do they come from and where are they going?

5. Rabies in Manhattan: What About Squirrels (and Rats)?

6. Seed Pods and Eyeballs

7. Saint John the Divine: A Secret Garden in Morningside Heights

8. Victor Casiano’s Rooftop Pigeons

9. Sex and the City Bird

10. Falada in New York: 59th Street Carriage Horses

So there you have it.  The frightening outbreak of rabies in Manhattan and the almost equally frightening event of duck sex make it into the top ten. So do last winter’s coyote visitations and a meeting with the last of our neighborhood’s rooftop pigeon flyers.  Other urban animals that are featured include squirrels, horses, raccoons, peacocks, rats, and mastodons.

Yeah, mastodons. The most popular post, by far, is a light-hearted discussion of the co-evolution of honey locust trees and mastodons. Why?  I’d like to think it’s because the study of evolution is booming, but maybe people just like mastodons or the idea of giant mammals roaming Manhattan.

The world is a mysterious place. Why should the internet be any different?

Esau, scourge of street rats, contemplates the mysteries of reader preferences.

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10 Comments on “Out Walking the Dog’s Top Ten Posts of 2010”

  1. Literary Dog Says:

    I don’t have enough posts yet for a top ten, but you have a great list! The rabid raccoon signs still give me pause in the park. Happy adventuring and writing in 2011.

    • Thank you, Literary Dog. Here’s to another year of blogging. Don’t worry too much about the raccoons. As far as I can tell, there hasn’t been a single report of rabies in Manhattan since early September 2010. I really think the epidemic has been quelled. But your post reminds me that I should write an update on the situation. Cheers!

  2. Dawn Fine Says:

    I like your Seed Pods and Eyeballs post..great post titles!
    And I agree with everyone Esau is a beauty!
    Happy New Year to You!

  3. Matilde and Angela Says:

    Melissa we’re so happy for Esau and you!!! All the best from Italy and keep posting. We love your blog!

  4. Charlotte Says:

    I was about ready to do my own ten list, but this might have to suffice– very funny…and mysterious, especially how you get Esau to sit there like….like a small man in a shiny gray dog suit. Is he? Is this what you’re trying to tell us?

    • Oh, Charlotte, you’ve discovered the secret. There is a hidden zipper down the dog’s chest. Once in a very great while, we unzip & let the little man out for a quick shot of Irish whiskey and a few stretches. Then we have to chase him all over the apartment to wrestle him back into the smelly dog suit so we can have our dear Esau back. It’s rough, but that’s the way it is.

  5. Barbara Says:

    What a beautiful dog your Esau is – I have loved finding and reading your blog – it’s pure delight, thank you for sharing your perspective of your great city and I hope you have a wonderful year ahead. Happy new year!
    Love the idea of 10 best – too funny that we’re so hung up on statistics isn’t it.

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