Ode to the Shovellers of New York

O shovellers of New York

O ye mighty inhabitants of a city swept by snow

O ye stalled and ye stuck

O ye commuters and alternate-side-of-the-street parkers, praying for yet another day of parking regulation suspension

The winter is against you

Old Man Winter

The snow plows are against you

Rage, o ye keepers of cars in a city that doesn’t care

Rage, and dig

O look, o look where stubborn folly leads

This is a car.

Yet dig o ye shovellers

Beneath the deep snow, wheeled freedom awaits,

Free at last.

And shovelling too will pass.

Truly, spring will come.

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3 Comments on “Ode to the Shovellers of New York”

  1. Charlotte Says:

    I’m totally missing my outwalkingthedog….how’d I not see this? fabulous symmetry of snow and hope in this ode.

  2. Barbara Says:

    Fabulous! simply terrific… and though I live in the country, when I need to get my car out I feel much like the shovellers in NYC- Thanks so much for a delightful read!

  3. John Mead Says:

    What a cool blog! As a native NYCer who has been living in Dallas for the past 21 years, I am really excited to have found this blog via the Nature Blog Network. I’m adding this to my blog roll as a way to keep a little NYC in my blood!
    Thanks for sharing!

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