Esau’s Beard: Blowin’ in the NYC Wind

Blowin' in the wind

It’s crazy windy out there today, people.


– National Weather Service Wind Advisory

Okay, did you catch that? Isolated gusts may reach up to 60 mph. Sixty miles per hour! Those are some powerful gale-force winds.  The Weather Service Advisory entreats us to “Please secure lightweight items, such as garbage cans…”

A quick stroll towards Riverside Drive confirms that garbage cans might benefit from a bit more security.

Dysfunctional garbage can

It’s not just garbage cans that need securing.  Hold on tight to your hats, pets and small children, if you take to the streets today.

A street sign at 109th and Broadway tilts and rattles dangerously.

One way which way?

Garbage cans topple and roll all along Riverside Drive

Rollin' in the aisles

Esau and I skipped the park for fear of flying branches. And Esau’s beard nearly took off once or twice.

That beard needs to be better secured, buddy.

The winds should die down by tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, hold on to your beards, and watch out for flying objects.

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8 Comments on “Esau’s Beard: Blowin’ in the NYC Wind”

  1. […] If you have a porch, you should bring your stuff inside. And then plan to hunker down. Our columnist Melissa has a piece on walking her dog in a hurricane. […]

  2. Beady Eye Says:

    Love your photographs. Take care – high winds are most unpredictable and damage from flying debris can be fatal.

  3. Dave Says:

    Hmmm…from what I know from my study of shopping carts, garbage cans should be approached with caution. Very unpredictable especially if they’re on their sides.

  4. Bill Says:

    High winds our area were taking down decrepit trees. Quite a natural pruning process. Had a couple of gusts over 60 mph. Good thing the snow is frozen or else the drifting would be awesome.

    I loved your dog’s beard blowing in the wind. Has he/she no fear?


  5. Charlotte Says:

    Very funny pics of Esau! We had windy days here at the same time, not 60 mph, but those round seed pod thingys all over the place.

  6. Alice E Smith Says:

    tee hee — LOVE the pix of Esau… up here in the sticks, we had the same winds but with snow. White-outs closed the Thruway; white knuckles clenched the steering wheels; our Christmas tree, which we’d finally put out on Valentines Day but had lingered on the snow heap, blew all the way down the block, where we’ve left it (hoping they don’t recognize whose it was…) and the drifts on the country roads made it impossible to tell road from rut from field from fence. MAN, what a windy day. Love it. x0x A

  7. Barbara Says:

    Oh dear the winds that were rushing through here yesterday must have headed in your direction – fierce… glad you are all safe today.

    Love the photographs – specially of Esau… he is a handsome fella, even with his beard a bit askew!

  8. daddy0 Says:

    The wind listens to you. It has queted at your command.

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