Two-Eyed Prophecy of Spring

To gain wisdom and a vision of the future, Odin drank from Mimir’s well, and plucked out his own right eye to pay Mimir’s price.

Odin's right eye still stares up from the bottom of Mimir's well. Illustration by Willy Pogany from The Children of Odin, Padraic Colum's beautiful retelling of Norse sagas

Here is my two-eyed prophecy for New York.

I have read the signs, natural and man-made, that tell the truth of the world, and the signs say:

Spring is coming. Prepare, prepare.

Spring! Spring! Spring!

Look at the signs, and interpret for yourself:

The Sign of Flowers:

First flowers in Riverside Park

The Sign of Spring Training:

Hitters on the Hudson.

The Sign of Multi-tasking Outdoor Muses

Playing the trumpet while reading the paper

The Sign of Al Fresco Dining

Starling gang fight over free pizza

The Sign of Strange Sports

Stylin' Frenchmen play bocce ball in Morningside Park.

The Sign of Mister Softee

La dee da la dee da la dee da … Somebody, please, get that tune out of my head!

The Sign of Bare Legs Despite Still-Bare Branches

Bare branches, bare legs

The Sign of Peacocks at Saint John the Divine

Blue guardian of the eastern wall

Skulker in the southern garden

And on every street: The Sign of Tiny Winged Macho Men Singing for World Domination

Small but fierce

These signs deciphered mean: spring.
O my prophetic soul!
Mark me:
Within a month, the secret garden of Saint John’s will explode into pinks and yellows.
All over the city, what grass there is will green.
In the parks, birds and squirrels will nest.
And the crack of baseball bats on balls will be heard throughout the city.
Though the way be dark before us and cold rain fall,
yet spring approaches.

April 2010: Garden on the grounds of Saint John the Divine

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19 Comments on “Two-Eyed Prophecy of Spring”

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  2. whitney h Says:

    To whom it may concern,
    May i use one of the pictures for my power point project.I will use a resource page and put the name of the website of where i got it from. Thank you for your time.

    Whitney Hernandez

  3. Dawn Fine Says:

    Love all your signs of spring! Great post…Peacock too :)

  4. Wondrous, but you excite my spring greed for more.


  5. Beverly Anne Says:

    Lovely post!

  6. p hoey Says:

    As the poet says, Luhde singe cuckoo!*

    *or name yr. owne birde…

    A fine and much needed prophecy; thank you!

  7. Wild_Bill Says:

    My personal favorite, Hitter on the Hudson, such determination! You guys in NY must be getting spring fever, right?

  8. Katrinka Says:

    Exquisite!! This one is a masterpiece. The starling pizza gang is SCARY!

  9. nycedges Says:

    Soon a host of lovely flowers
    From vales and woodland burst;
    But in all that fair procession
    The crocuses were first.

    Frances E. W. Harper

  10. mthew Says:

    Soothsayer, thou speaks the truth.

  11. John S. Mead Says:

    Superb! Living in Dallas I have fond memories of those signs of spring! Especially the Outdoor muses & Mr. Softee!

    Thanks for bringing a fresh smile to my face!

  12. Barbara Says:

    Sensational! This is one of your very best – love it completely – thanks for putting a spring in my step today!

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