The Hills Are Alive … with Rats (Video)

On Sunday, I returned in daylight to the twin peaks of Rat Palace with dog and camera.  Since the fast-moving inhabitants have eluded my primitive skills as a photographer, I decided to try video instead, and … voila: Rattus norvegicus, one of New York City’s most common wildlife species, going about its business under the noses of mostly oblivious New Yorkers, their dogs and children.

The squeaking sound is the swing set in the playground behind me, not giant rats, and the whining sound in both videos is the poor dog, longing for a little rat-catching action.

There was far more rat activity on the mounds than I was able to catch on the video below, but I think you’ll get the idea.

While rats and humans cavort, the sun goes down over Riverside Park.

Goodnight, sun. Goodnight, park. Goodnight, rats.

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4 Comments on “The Hills Are Alive … with Rats (Video)”

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  3. CGJ Says:

    I have a rat problem of my own that I have to try and figure out how to deal with. Brown Rats have moved into my yard with a vengeance. They are not in the house yet, but I need to get serious about dealing with them before they make the move. The problem is, getting rid of rats is like try to drain water out of a sinking boat by drilling holes in the hull. You get rid of one rat, and two more come in from your neighbor’s yard to take its place!

  4. mthew Says:

    “Bold as a rat in daylight.”

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