Water Birds in East Vancouver and a Ferry Ride

The mountains beckoned over Trout Lake in East Vancouver.

Frost was on the ground.

Waterfowl swam about near the small beach, including mallards and American coots.

Coots are special favorites of mine for their charmingly ungainly physiques. Since I’ve seen the little balloon-bodied, white-faced birds on Trout Lake in summer months as well, I assume they are year-round residents.

American wigeons paddled about,

including this dainty female.

A Northern shoveller seemed in thrall to her impossibly large orange bill, following wherever it led.

She sometimes swam with the tip of her bill in the water, perhaps skimming small creatures as she went.

The park’s habitats include this tiny Louisiana-like marsh,

and this area of soft purplish plants and reeds.

A living fence of willow creates a virtually impenetrable barrier along one side of the lake.

Perhaps it secures a safe haven for nesting waterbirds, protecting them from cavorting off-leash dogs.

Occasional mini-dramas broke out among the mostly peaceable birds, notably a couple of thrilling, if brief, coot chases, one of which may be seen at about the 55-second mark in the video below.

Later we rode a ferry north on our journey to Garden Bay, a village on the Sunshine Coast’s Pender Harbor. From the ferry, snowy mountains shone in the distance.

Closer to us, the forested slopes tumbled to the water.

The sun set early, but light lingered.

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6 Comments on “Water Birds in East Vancouver and a Ferry Ride”

  1. Charlotte Says:

    Beautiful. Love the willow fence and the color purple; these posts are inspired! More please.

  2. Mr. Mantooth Says:

    Everything looks amazing through your eyes.

  3. Barbara Says:

    Vancouver is one of my very favourite cities in the world – I love the mountains, the parks, the ocean licking the shores, the whole smell, feel and beauty of it. I’d likely live there if my family weren’t in Ontario.

    But I’ve never seen the ducks, nor the wier, nor had the privilege of your perspective – thanks Melissa – Merry Christmas, or happy holidays – whichever you celebrate. It’s been lovely this past year seeing NYC and other places through your eyes. thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you so much, Barbara. I too love Vancouver, although on our visits we usually spend hardly any time there before heading up the coast a few hours. We were so lucky on this trip to have a couple of days of fairly clear skies when the mountains just leapt out at us and danced. The rest of the time, of course, they slumbered behind the low gray skies and rain. But the coast is gorgeous, even – or because – of all that moisture.

  4. p hoey Says:

    What a glorious trip! Thanks for the share…

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