Spring Evening in Riverside Park

Tonight the dog and I took an early evening stroll in Riverside Park.

The park is just about perfect right now. Many branches are still bare, letting the river show through.

Some trees on the Cherry Walk are budding,

while others are blooming.

We left the river walk,

and headed back up to the center promenade.

Like the river, the city shows easily through the trees.

I love the seasonal layers, daffodils coming up through last fall’s leaf litter

bud-fuzzy branches,


lovely white blossoms,

and magnolias.

In a month or so, views of the river and the city will be obscured by layers of lush green leaves.  But meanwhile, I’m loving spring.

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9 Comments on “Spring Evening in Riverside Park”

  1. Great list and photos of dog walking locations in NY!

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    Thank you!
    KEEN Recess Team

  2. p hoey Says:

    Glorious blog! Thank you, thank you!

  3. Mr. Mantooth Says:

    the perfect introduction to spring

  4. Charlotte Says:

    Gorgeous. This is NY? Looks almost Renaissancian… Can’t wait!

    • Ag Says:

      True – but remember NY is a very old town – so it does have that “old world” feel in certain places. Those views across the river are of NJ… if you go north into Riverdale in the Bronx or southern Yonkers – the views are of the Palisade Cliffs in NJ that has no buildings… you’d think you were in the middle of nowhere instead of the most dense metropolis in the US.

  5. Jenny Says:

    How lovely! I’ve been thinking about what the landscape offers without leaves as well. We are pretty close to a train and this time of year it comes in the bedroom window clear as a bell. As the leaves really get unfurling everything will be so much more muffled, so I’m taking those lone whistle blows when I can get them.

  6. Barbara Says:

    Oooh Melissa what a beautiful stroll… loved every second and every photograph.

  7. Loved your photos! Lucky dog.

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