NYC Peacocks and Blossoms

It’s cold and grey today, cold enough that I wished I had brought gloves on my morning dog walk.  So to warm us all up, here are recent photos from a walk through the grounds of Saint John the Divine in Morningside Heights.  As you look, you must try to imagine the continual sound of Saint John’s three peacock boys, screeching like trumpeting elephants and honking like city buses.

Phil, the white peacock, strolls in the garden by Columbus Avenue.

So many colors in the gardens:


Are these hyacinths?



and white again

Ah, here is the wall that surrounds the secret garden, the Biblical garden where plants grow that are named in the Bible.

Let’s take a closer look.

Why not go inside?

Look, tulips

Let’s have a seat. The birds don’t mind us.

Okay, enough sitting. Time to look for the other peacocks. Ah, here’s one now.

A little higher with the tail, please.

And … we’re done.

Sparrows and pigeons share the peacocks’ food, put out in a cookie tin near their house.

“Wait a minute, I want some of that.”

On our way to Morningside Avenue, we spot the third peacock, perching and watching. (Blurry, thanks to the dog pulling at the leash.)

Until next time…

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9 Comments on “NYC Peacocks and Blossoms”

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  2. Yes, the pink ones are hyacinths. Love the name of your blog — but then I would.:)

  3. Wild_Bill Says:

    I am constantly amazed of what can be found in the “city”! It’s wonderful to realize that nature can find a home anywhere.

  4. ailsapm Says:

    Love the secret garden. I really must go back to see those peacock boys again. xxx

  5. Mr. Mantooth Says:

    your world is so special — thanks for sharing it

  6. Barbara Says:

    Loved this morning’s walk Melissa – that secret garden is something else. simply charming! And as always you and Esau are a delight.

  7. After seeing several of your peacock posts now, I will just HAVE to go check them out! Thanks!

    • p hoey Says:

      What a lovely ode to spring! Thank you, Melissa. (I especially enjoyed the watch-peacock sitting on the fence. Does he bark at strangers?)

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