Doggy in the Dunes

With no apologies to Japanese writer Kobo Abe, author of Woman in the Dunes, nor to Hiroshi Teshugahara, who made the extraordinary film of the same title,

woman in the dunes image

An image from Woman in the Dunes

I here present images from Doggy in the Dunes.

Time to go home.

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16 Comments on “Doggy in the Dunes”

  1. Mr. Mantooth Says:

    This is the happiest existential flick I’ve ever seen —
    no apologies to woman of the dunes necessary.
    She wishes she had Esau’s cup-half-full attitude.

  2. Jenny Says:

    Hi Melissa! Another note – have you seen the work by Janice Wright Cheney on Coy Wolves? I imagine you have, but just in case: I think you’ll like it!

  3. Jenny Says:

    Hi Melissa! Glad you were able to spend time in such a lovely place. It’s good to see you!

  4. Laurel Says:

    Always love the photos with Esau!

  5. Such a nomadic setting, up and over and into the Sahara off with the camels .. Vicariously enjoy these walks with Esau.

  6. Charlotte Says:

    Woman in the Dunes haunts me to this day. I loved that movie! (I’ve never found anyone else who’s even heard of it.) So tell us, how did Esau get out….of the dunes, that is?

    Great pics!

  7. p hoey Says:

    Dune doggy off a leash looks more like the alert shaggy creature
    he is at heart. Alone, but not lonely what with a god holding the camera.

  8. Barbara Says:

    Great photos of Esau and the wonderful dunes.

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