Tuesdays with Sandy: NYC Aftermath

The sky glowered this morning in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, as water towers guarded the city.

Light rain has been coming and going all morning. Riverside Animal Hospital is open.

So is Cascabel Taqueria,

where I saw the now rare sight of a man talking on a public pay phone.

Just down the street, the canopy of Kim’s Cleaners had collapsed.

But we here in Morningside Heights are so lucky. We have power, we have some open shops and restaurants, and we are out and about.

Between 107th Street and 108th Streets, I chatted with this gentleman.

He was walking up Broadway from 47th Street to 125th Street. Along the way, he saw a great deal of external damage to signs, storefronts, scaffolding and canopies. He was worried about me walking around with my cane, but I reassured him that I wasn’t going far. And really, the area is mostly fine, despite some downed trees.

Uprooted tree on Riverside Drive upper promenade at 107th Street.

The tree came right up from its roots.

Leaves, of course, are down in the streets and sidewalks.

Downed leaves make for better river views.

People strolled the upper level, heading towards the downed tree.

And although the park remains officially closed, New Yorkers headed down the stone staircase into the park.

As I got ready to head home, the sun briefly burst through the clouds to illuminate this magnificent white birch inside Riverside Park.

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8 Comments on “Tuesdays with Sandy: NYC Aftermath”

  1. Mr. Mantooth Says:

    thanks for the miracle of the white birch

  2. […] it, in raging storms and seas of tranquility, by whatever means are available to us. Including public pay phones, which, apparently, still exist. I know: Who […]

    • Thanks, Madge – great links! It’s apparently quite wild out there – but the old house came through like a champ. On the road to the far beach, major flooding, and Andrew reports that the “beach club” near the far beach is … gone.

  3. Karol Omlor Says:

    Thanks for the report. I was wondering if we would hear from you today. Stay safe.

  4. […] Photo of Kim’s Cleaners on 107th and Broadway by Melissa at Out Walking the Dog. […]

  5. Charlotte Says:

    Thanks for the report. The best advice i was able to give Mekko was something you wrote in your Thinking abt Wildlife post: if you get caught in a wind storm, face the wind and keep your feathers close to your body.

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