After Nor’Easter in Riverside Park

A squirrel contemplates the heavy wet snow that blanketed New York City last night.

The New York Times reported 4.5 inches in Central Park. But by the time I got outside this morning at 8:30, the roadways were clear and building supers were hosing off the sidewalks.

Broadway islands are still snowy.

No need to salt the streets, for which Esau and all city dogs are most grateful.

The wind must have whipped off the Hudson, since trees just west of Riverside Park were coated with snow only on the westward-facing side.

Riverside Park shows a bizarre mix of leafy green trees and snow.  That’s the Hudson River peeking through the trees, and beyond is New Jersey, which reportedly received 12 inches of snow in some unfortunate places.

Esau the dog and I took these steps down to the upper path.

Looking further down to the wide promenade and the river still further below, you can see why we who live up here in Morningside Heights are safe from flooding.

We looked north along the upper path as elements of three seasons mingled: the green leaves of late summer, the colored leaves and bare limbs of late fall, and the snow of mid-winter.

As ever, dogs were delighted with the change in weather.

Sparrows were unfazed.

In fact, a conflagration of sparrows (thank you, Dr. John, for the felicitous coinage) seemed happy to forage among leaves and seeds knocked from the trees.

A lone squirrel seemed to enjoy bounding along the snowy top of the retaining wall.

He headed first this way.

Then that way.

Look at the green leaves on one side, rust on the other.

Then … oops.

See ya.

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5 Comments on “After Nor’Easter in Riverside Park”

  1. Rose Says:

    Thank you for sharing and (braving the cold) to get these amazing photos for your wonderful blog. I’m pleased to hear you are healing well. do take care.

  2. Barbara Says:

    Great post – your pictures are beautiful – and you are indeed lucky – hope others fared okay in the latest storm.

    And you must be able to walk a bit further now? Still in the walking cast or are things mending? Be careful and don’t slip Melissa… and enjoy your beautiful area – I certainly enjoy seeing it through your photos and wonderful stories.

  3. I wanted to go out into the park this morning too, but Central Park was closed off _again_… I hope this isn’t becoming a habit. So I envy you Riverside Park!

    • I think Riverside had been closed, too, but the tape had been moved aside by the time I got there, and the park looked good. I actually didn’t see any newly downed trees – but then I’m still not walking very far, so am not a reliable reporter.

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