Red-tailed Hawk on Riverside Drive

Red-tailed hawk

Red-tailed hawk

A red-tailed hawk perched high above Riverside Drive overlooking the Hudson. What view the bird must have with the river to the west,


and Riverside Church, usually lost in a mass of leaves, visible through bare branches to the north.


The hawk calmly took in its surroundings.


After a while, it was joined in the tree by two smaller birds.


The hawk ignored them at first. (The little birds are on branches to the right.)


But when it turned to take a look, the little fellows flew off.


 And the hawk remained.


Visit Backyard and Beyond to see another NYC Red-tail in a construction site in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

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3 Comments on “Red-tailed Hawk on Riverside Drive”

  1. E Carter Says:

    That’s amazing. I was in awe this morning because I saw a group of three blue jays in my back yard ( have a small backyard in the West 90s – very small, and the three jays were in my single solitary tree and the ivy on the building next door). Great day for birds today, in my view.

    • I love watching blue jays. They’re such bossy, active, vocal birds. In fact, when I hear blue jays scolding, I always look around to see if there is a crow or hawk nearby being harassed by the littler guys. They are great sentinels for hawk and crow watchers!

  2. Mr. Mantooth Says:

    You are the premier Red-Tailed Hawk spotter of your generation.

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