Snow in Eastern Long Island

On Monday afternoon, snow began to fall on eastern Long Island.


Snow transformed the dog into an abominable snow creature.


Snow covered the sand that Sandy dumped into the passage beneath the little bridge.


Snow dusted Sleeping Beauty’s impassable tangle of branches.


Snow blanketed the beach.


On the walk home, deer had come into a neighbor’s yard and were browsing right by the house.


It snowed through the night. On Tuesday, the world was white.


Snow shadows spidered open spaces.


Deer stood alert in the snowy field.


When they turned to go, their small stampede kicked up a snow tempest.


Temperatures have plummeted to the teens, so for the time being, the snow remains. As I write, dawn is breaking on another frosty morning.


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4 Comments on “Snow in Eastern Long Island”

  1. How lucky you are to get to be on Eastern LI without all the summer hub-bub. I once had an idea to buy a house in Montauk and live there winter, then rent it out June – August while I summer in my present home. Alas the time passed and prices went up.
    but your snow-hushed photos make me wish I could turn back the clock.

  2. Sally Says:

    Lovely, meditative……

  3. Mr. Mantooth Says:

    I love the deer in the snow, the snow shadows and the snow tempest is a magical photo.

  4. Barbara Says:

    Beautiful photographs… no seaside here, but lots of snow in Central Ontario and because we are in the middle of the land bounding Georgian Bay we get lots of lake effect snow. Clear sunny morning to be followed by more snow squalls this afternoon, and temps nearing -28C which is I think close to 0F – not kind to nature’s creatures… but you’re photos tell me it’s beautiful if frosty there. Love the images of the deer and the snow-covered bridge and beaches. And Esau in his snowy blanket is sweet!

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