Pelicans and Bare Arms, January in Dallas

We’re in the middle of a deep freeze here in the Northeast. Yesterday, Long Island’s Mecox Bay was in the process of icing over.

Mecox Bay ices up.

Ice on the right of the white line, water to the left.

Meanwhile back in my former home of Dallas, Texas,people are hanging out by White Rock Lake in T-shirts and tank tops. I mean, really.


Curious geese at White Rock Lake, Dallas. Photo: Ellen Locy.

My friend Ellen, who sent me these photos from Dallas, reports yesterday was “such a warm day I kept peeling off layers and tying them anywhere I could. Jacket, scarf.”  Here’s Ellen with scarf tied round her head and jacket round her waist.


“Just got a load of myself… [people] must have thought Aunt Jemima had taken up bird watching.”

The warm weather has White Rock’s geese in a flap. Or maybe it’s the pelicans they’re sharing Sunset Bay with.


Goose convention at Sunset Bay, White Rock Lake, Dallas. Photo: Ellen Locy.

Yup, pelicans.

Pelicans in Dallas, Texas. Photo: Ellen Locy.

Pelicans in Dallas, Texas. Photo: Ellen Locy.

There’s nothing like sunset at Sunset Bay. Can this really be mid-January? Thanks, Ellen, for warming us up.


Sunset at Sunset Bay, Dallas, Texas. Photo: Ellen Locy.

Now it’s time to bundle up with a faux animal on my head, and walk that dog. Brrr.IMG_0466IMG_7428

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7 Comments on “Pelicans and Bare Arms, January in Dallas”

  1. Sam Pack Says:

    It’s definitely been on the warmer side in Dallas. Gorgeous pics of the sunset btw; really stunning.

  2. ailsapm Says:

    Stay warm over there, Melissa! xxx

  3. Hey I know her! Very jealous of the gorgeous weather they were having down there. Believe me, my family and friends in Dallas (not Ellen) were rubbing it in, but I take comfort in the knowledge that soon it will be July there…and a 100 degrees. [Evil laugh.]

  4. Jenny Says:

    Hope you were able to enjoy the thaw, at least! Yesterday you could just about walk around in a tank top.

  5. Mr. Mantooth Says:

    I think goose closest to camera at the goose convention at Sunset Bay is laughing is head off or strutting his stuff.

  6. Barbara Says:

    Brr is right – walking my two hasn’t been the most pleasant when it’s windy, though some of the nights have been beautiful with the full moon shining on the snow banks and everything so still – not a sound. The pictures from Dallas are wonderful – kind of your friend to send them along!

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