NYC’s Hawk-a-Day Club

Atop the head of Saint Andrew high on the Cathedral of St John the Divine.

Atop the head of Saint Andrew high on the Cathedral of St John the Divine.

I’m a charter member of NYC’s Hawk-a-Day Club. Anyone can join, and the entrance requirements are, well, not too tough. Basically, all you have to do is spend some time outside, preferably in or near a park, and look up. Because these days, the city’s raptors, particularly its burgeoning population of red-tailed hawks, are pretty easy to spot.

Over the course of the past six weeks or so, I’ve regularly – even, yes, daily – seen red-tails…

in Riverside Park.


Red-tail in Riverside Park at dusk.

On the back of the Cathedral of St John the Divine.

Nesting on the shoulders of St Andrew.

Nesting on the shoulders of St Andrew.

In Central Park.


Red-tail (Pale Male?) near Fifth Avenue.

On a high-rise near Morningside Park.

High above the city.

High above the city.

On another high rise on Broadway between 109th and 110th Streets – on the same spot where I recently watched a pair of hawks copulate.


On a tree near the statue of General Franz Sigel at 106th and Riverside.

Hawk above 106th and Riverside.

Hawk above 106th and Riverside.

On a water tower, looking over 110th Street.




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8 Comments on “NYC’s Hawk-a-Day Club”

  1. Andre Says:

    saw one in the bronx this morning – flying over I95 in between neighborhoods…. it was going from Pelham Bay to Country Club.

  2. Tricia Says:

    I’m in Portland, Oregon. Redtails are harder to spot in our urban area, but not impossible. I love your blog.

    • Hi Tricia, I love Portland, Oregon. I lived there for a time – went out originally to attend Reed College many eons ago, dropped out of school, but stayed in Portland for a while. I used to traipse down the hillside in Sellwood and watch waterbirds in the marshy area there. (Also play pinball & ride the ferris wheel in Oaks Park – is it still there?) I keep meaning to go back for a visit. As for spotting hawks, it’s true that wildlife viewing is, in many ways, easier here in Manhattan where viable habitat is so compressed. Thanks for the kind words about the blog!

  3. Love the movement to get everybody to spend even a little bit of time outside every day. Count me in for the Hawk-a-Day Club! Although I might report other sightings too, like the very curious Downy Woodpecker who came to within just 2 feet of me to get a closer look. I think that bird was peoplewatching.

  4. Melanie Hedlund Says:

    love the photos of hawk with Saint Andrew!

    • Thank, Melanie. It really is an amazing nest location, isn’t it? Once the trees leaf out, it’s a little harder to get a good view so I’m enjoying the easy access. The nest is way high up, but street trees overhang the sidewalk, so you end up looking up through the leaves.

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