The Things They Carry

Animals carry things. They carry things in their mouths and in their hands, in their arms and on their fur, on their heads and in their feet. They carry things because they must, and they carry things because, well, sometimes they just like to.

Some animals carry sticks.


Or frisbees.


Some animals carry Easter baskets.


Or smaller members of their own species. (Note the raccoons on the wall.)


Whatever that species may be.


Some animals carry other species, including large cats.


Larger cats.


And tiny geckoes.


They carry things to eat.


And leaves.


And cans.


If the animal is a scientist, she may carry equipment, including an aspirator for collecting ants.


Dr. Holly Meninger with microphone and aspirator.

Ants carry fire flies.


Dogs carry small green seeds.


And big brown burrs.


Squirrels carry nuts.


Starlings carry pizza.

Starlings fight over pizza

Hawks carry cats, or so the sign suggests.


They carry tiny dogs, at least in urban legend.

painting by Charlotte Hildebrand

painting by Charlotte Hildebrand

They also carry strange nesting materials.


These are just some of the things they carry.

Oh, and saints carry hawks.


What do you carry? What, or who, carries you?

A tip of the hat to Tim O’Brien’s amazing book of stories about the Vietnam War, The Things They Carried. If you haven’t read it, do.
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5 Comments on “The Things They Carry”

  1. What an adorable post. It could be a children’s book. You must have had so much fun putting it together!

  2. love this… a ready-made picture book! I so enjoy seeing animals carry things. There was a recent sighting in So Cal of a dolphin mother carrying the stillborn body of her calf on her back, hoping to revive it, they think.

  3. Karol Omlor Says:

    Love this one, Melissa…and especially enjoyed seeing you, Richard and Sally in the photos.

  4. Well I learned last night that I carry 2 lbs of bacteria. How cool is that? (And I especially love your photo of the turtles.)

  5. Great story – I have one dog (a yellow lab) that carries sticks – the bigger the better and his brother the black lab always carries at least one of his toys to greet people at the door or me when I get them up in the morning – or rather they get me up!

    Love all those diverse stories in photographs. Makes me think about how big, diverse and wonderful our world is.

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