1 Rm Riv Vu, NYC Wildlife Edition

New York City’s wildlife sometimes hit the real estate jackpot. Yes, while many humans can no longer afford to live in Manhattan, the birds and raccoons are doing just fine. Many even enjoy sunset views like this one over the Hudson River.


Some animals prefer traditional pre-war living environments in which to raise their families.



Others enjoy a more modern situation. Some sparrows prefer the bustle of Mondrian-inspired scaffolding. (Sadly, the birds are not visible in this photo.)


Others find that modern materials can be used to create a cozy, neighborly feel.


And for the lucky elite, luxury urban dwellings abound. The beautifully detailed statues adorning the entry way to the Synod House at St John the Divine provide temporary housing for generations of house sparrows.


Look for the nests.


And for private living with sweeping city views, the red-tailed hawks of St. John’s have it made.


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7 Comments on “1 Rm Riv Vu, NYC Wildlife Edition”

  1. Mr. Mantooth Says:

    totally delightful

  2. Unique housing options :)

  3. fojap Says:

    I used to live in Manhattan. I guess I was one of those people who couldn’t afford to live there anymore. However, I still live in an urban area. There are some black vultures that nest on a building I can see out my window.

    I enjoyed this post. Lucky sparrows.

  4. I love this. Looking at the world through the eyes of animals and sharing their stories in human terms makes for fabulous storytelling.

  5. Karol Omlor Says:

    What an interesting story and photos! Thanks, Melissa.

  6. Great photos – imaginative story – always a treat to read and view your blog Melissa. Starts my day just right!

  7. Reblogged this on Electronic Scrapbook and commented:
    Love the ingenuity of urban wildlife…

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