It’s April in NYC, Let’s Ditch the Plow

Here are two favorite spring posts from years past:
NYC Signs of Spring: Red-tails Nest and Mr. Softee Sings
Two-Eyed Prophecy of Spring

April in Morningside Heights. Time to …

Raise the plow.

Raise the plow on 110th and Columbus.

Raise the plow on 110th and Columbus.

Wait a minute. “Raise the plow?!” It’s April, people, let’s just ditch the freaking plow!

Time to go to the laundromat. Apparently, it’s been a long winter.


Time to show some baseball love.


Time to play ball.


Or learn to play ball.



Time to kayak the Hudson.


Time to fight.


These two male mallards were seriously going at each other.


Hormones are raging in the spring, and there seem to be many unattached male mallards hanging around in Morningside Pond, getting into trouble.


Time to cuddle. Those hormones, you know.


And when you look this fine, it’s always time to strut your stuff.


Phil, one of three resident peacocks at the Cathedral of St John the Divine


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4 Comments on “It’s April in NYC, Let’s Ditch the Plow”

  1. Barbara Says:

    This blog makes me smile this morning! How lovely, inspired and inspiring

  2. Mr. Mantooth Says:

    What a wonderful April poem.
    I particularly like this one.
    Love ……… ‘Apparently, it’s been a long winter.’
    Hey. Robert Creeley would love your stuff.

  3. p hoey Says:

    Oh, those great snaps! The essence of Spring in NYC!

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