Happy Arbor Day!

I learned this morning from Backyard and Beyond that today is Arbor Day. Since I am in British Columbia, surrounded by magnificent forest, it seems a fine occasion to celebrate the day.

Garden Bay Provincial Park

Garden Bay Provincial Park

The forest here is dense and layered. This time of year, leaves on the deciduous trees are still pale against the darker needles of the evergreens.


The many shades of green are mesmerizing.



Sometimes you glimpse islands and water through the trees.



Even the downed trees and stumps are covered in many shades of green made by moss and lichen.




An old and beautiful tree, felled to create a younger and beautiful trail.


Happy Tree Day.

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7 Comments on “Happy Arbor Day!”

  1. Mr. Mantooth Says:

    beautiful post

  2. Yes, finally, finally! we get a taste of spring in New York. The cherry trees are in full bloom. The plums are almost done. The cypress is leafed out with tender green growth.

  3. Charlotte Says:

    unbelievably beautiful!

  4. Gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing them. I needed a little walk through the trees today (since my actual walk through the trees was hindered by people trimming trees).

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