Eagles and Hummingbirds of British Columbia

Bald eagles abounded on our recent trip up the British Columbia coast.


This beautiful bird was sitting on a body of fresh water in an area that looks to me like a beaver dam.


Another closer look.


We saw many eagles on the wing. With a wingspan of nearly seven feet, they are an impressive sight.


And for a size contrast, we also observed several rufous hummingbirds whose wingspan reaches a magnificent 4 1/2 inches.


We saw these tiny, brilliant creatures at a nectar feeder, and darting out over a road to capture insects.  Several times, the hum of those rapidly beating wings alerted me to the bird’s presence before I registered it visually. According to Journey North, hummingbirds beat their wings at a rate of about 75 beats per second.

Here a rufous hummingbird sips nectar from the feeder.


And here’s a lovely view from the vicinity in which we saw the hummingbird zoom back and forth over the road.


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9 Comments on “Eagles and Hummingbirds of British Columbia”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Can’t believe the wingspan of the eagles. Seven feet!! That’s two whole feet longer than I am tall. Wow!

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  3. cynthiamc1 Says:

    When we lived on Vancouver Island we saw bald eagles all over the place. I miss that. We have them here, too, but not as visible in the city. Gorgeous shots!

  4. mthew Says:

    Nice size comparison. Looks lovely out there.

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