Falcon Hunts Starling Murmuration (video)

I had a great time making this three-minute movie of a falcon hunting a spectacular starling murmuration right in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. A murmuration is a massive gathering of starlings.  There are so many birds flying they look sometimes like dark snow falling or a sky full of shooting stars. Other times the flock forms strange helix-like shapes, and it’s hard to believe it isn’t a giant organism with a single brain. One evening as I watched, a peregrine falcon swooped in, looking for dinner.

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A peregrine is a usually an effective predator of birds on the wing. But in the on-going evolutionary offense-defense dance of predator and prey, the starling murmuration throws the falcon off and thwarts its ability to kill. Fascinating.

To see starlings as individuals rather than as members of a great, heaving cauldron of birds, you may enjoy:
Eating and Keeping Cool in NYC Heat Wave, Fledgling Style

And for some raw footage of the starlings gathering in downtown Kansas City, watch Murmuration of Starlings in Kansas City.

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5 Comments on “Falcon Hunts Starling Murmuration (video)”

  1. […] Falcon Hunts Starling Murmuration (video) (outwalkingthedog.wordpress.com) […]

  2. […] Falcon Hunts Starling Murmuration (video) (outwalkingthedog.wordpress.com) […]

  3. Charlotte Says:

    Dizzying! Ya gotta feel a little sorry for the poor peregrine. Good work!

  4. Mr. Mantooth Says:

    A beautiful film. Wonders never cease at this site — but who knew that Out Walking the Dog had an accomplished filmmaker in its midst?!
    (The writing is savvy & word-perfect as always.)

  5. p hoey Says:

    Truly astonishing video! Seeing is believing…

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