Egrets, herons and sunsets on Flying Point Road


Sunset, October 2013

I’m out on eastern Long Island right now. The landscape, despite the ever-proliferating McMansions, remains stunningly beautiful.


Flying Point Road and Mecox Bay.

And so do the birds.

Great egrets are everywhere.

Great egret flies over Mecox Bay.

Great egret flies over Mecox Bay.

Great blue herons, too.

Great Blue Heron fishes in Mecox Bay.

Great Blue Heron fishes in Mecox Bay.

Usually the herons and egrets are loners. But sometimes they share a good fishing location.

Great Blue Heron and Great Egrret on dock.

Great Blue Heron checks to see if the Great Egret is catching more fish.

Many swans have flown away for the winter, but some still sail and dabble on Mill Pond and Mecox Bay.

Dabbling at sunset.

Dabbling at sunset.

It’s always a pleasure to see the kingfisher (even if at too great a distance for a clear photo).


Kingfisher on a branch.

So, yes, it’s beautiful out here.

Just don’t come looking for direction.

Um, okay ...

Um, okay …

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16 Comments on “Egrets, herons and sunsets on Flying Point Road”

  1. Ya Boy Says:


  2. Charlotte Says:

    Feel i was on LI for a brief minute, looking around with you. nice respite.

  3. Beautiful pics, Melissa!

  4. p hoey Says:

    A thrilling posting–look to the water, away from what happens on
    land…One q.–do all the swans migrate eventually? Thank you

  5. Beautiful shots. Haven’t been in that area in many, many years.

  6. virginiafair Says:

    I think the swans are pausing up here in Putnam . We saw about 50 when passing one of the reservoirs Sunday.
    As for the McMansions out there. I haven’t been out to the East End for about 7 years but I was so appalled at their ugliness and dismayed that people had so much money to spend on garishness they would only live in for a few months..
    Enjoy your stay.

    • Oh, that’s interesting about the swans in Putnam. I really don’t know much about their movement patterns – interesting research topic. Since these swans are not native, but introduced generations ago, I wonder if they migrate or just move around their area. Hmm.
      I agree completely about the McMansions. You’d be amazed how much building has occurred in the seven years you say it’s been since you were here. Much of it is gigantic spec houses that sometimes take years to sell. And some of the “homes” are so huge they look like country clubs or hotels.

  7. Barbara Says:

    Melissa, that initial photograph’s beauty is staggering… It radiates peace and contentment. How lucky you are to be spending time there. And how lucky that despite “civilization’s” invasion with the McMansions, you can find such rural jewels. From a Canadian admirer – hope you have a wonderful weekend to continue to enjoy your bird colonies and friends.

  8. Sally Says:

    Ooooo, how pretty! :-)

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