Ospreys on Long Island

For several days, high winds buffeted Flying Point Road in Watermill. The winds did not daunt the local ospreys. Here are two ospreys hunting, soaring, and hovering over Mecox Bay.  Note the power of the birds’ wings as they continually adjust to the winds while looking down into the water for prey.

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See you soon, beauty.


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4 Comments on “Ospreys on Long Island”

  1. Susan DeMark Says:

    Incredible post! Your images capture the power, sleekness, and beauty of the ospreys, almost as if I am standing not so far away and looking at them.

    A favorite spot of mine for ospreys is the Edwin F. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge in New Jersey. I was fortunate enough to see an osprey on a platform when visiting. This year, I’ve followed the progress of the osprey chicks until the live cam malfunctioned.

    Thanks for another sighting, especially being able to see how these birds adapt to the wind. Wow.

  2. Barbara Says:

    Amazing birds – there are nest platforms here for Osprey, but they have been abandoned for the winter as far as I can tell. What a lovely spot you have to spend a day, week or several weeks.

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