Happy Halloween from Henrik Ibsen and Me

Most of you know my dog from his occasional appearances on this blog. You may know him as the neighborhood rat catcher, as a tireless explorer of urban nature, as the unwitting subject of my research, and as a supremely patient model.


A sign at St. John the Divine: “HOLD CLOSE THY LOVED. Please keep dogs on a leash.”

Some of you may even remember the first time he impersonated the great Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen.


Ibsen in the snow.

But what you don’t know – I myself only found out last week, when I took the photo below – is that for his own mysterious reasons (ah, who can fathom the mind of such a dog?), Strider, aka Esau, has been secretly perfecting his Ibsen impression.


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8 Comments on “Happy Halloween from Henrik Ibsen and Me”

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  2. Nicky Nick Nick Says:

    Poochy Ibsen, deep in thought, carefully constructing Hedda Gabler.

  3. p hoey Says:

    As a thoughtful pooch, Strider looks as disgruntled at things today as Henrik did in his day. Has he tried meditation? A powerful resemblance,
    in any case.

  4. Hahaha! Thank you for this. So funny!

  5. Jenny Says:

    HA! What a divine pairing.

  6. mthew Says:

    Uncanny! Perhaps an illustration of the transmutation of souls, and coiffures, unbounded by speciesism.

  7. Barbara Says:

    What a wonderful blog! happy hallowe’en back atcha – to both of you and the rest of the family!

  8. Yes! … the furrowed brows deep in literary thought….and love the wired-hair look.

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