Urban Peacocks and Red-tails in Winter

Last night we saw tiny snowmen on the top of the retaining wall in Riverside Park.


It wasn’t much of a snow, but it gave a mysterious look to the park at night.


This morning in the drizzle, a Red-tail Hawk flew low over our heads as we were crossing Amsterdam Avenue. We tracked it as it soared into the animal gates that lead to the grounds of St. John the Divine.


The hawk soared along the path of the grounds, then suddenly swooped upward. We found it perched with a second hawk towards the back of the cathedral.


I have only my iPhone camera these days, so I can’t zoom in for a close look. But here it is with a slightly closer look.


Moments later, as we continued to watch the hawks, Phil, the Cathedral’s white peacock, wandered past us, looking rather bedraggled.


He was completely unfazed by a boisterous group of schoolkids who almost walked right into him as they came around the corner.


Phil simply moved aside with no fuss or hurry.


The dog, on the other hand, was definitely fazed by the sight of Phil. He moaned with frustration and strained at the leash.


The poor fellow has been trying for a taste of peacock ever since he first encountered the three neighborhood peacocks five years ago.

Ah, well. We all have our dreams.


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6 Comments on “Urban Peacocks and Red-tails in Winter”

  1. p hoey Says:

    Marvelous post, Melissa. A real seasonal present. O, that
    beautiful lil snowman, and that imperturbable New York peacock,
    draggled old Phil. My sympathies to Esau…Life is complicated.

  2. virginiafair Says:

    I was in the city this weekend and while viewing the tree at the Metropolitan Museum of Art mentioned to a friend that I used to attend the Christmas Eve service (with the giant puppets) at Cathedral of St john the Divine and used to admire their tree trimmed with origami birds. Do they still have it?

    If you get a chance take a look at my latest post. You may enjoy the photos

  3. Barbara Says:

    Beautiful photos of the New York City that most of us “foreigners” don’t get to see… thank you Melissa.

    My two mutts agree with Esau – peacock must be very tasty!

    This is a super post!

  4. Charlotte Says:

    That last pic is just a killer. Mysterious for sure, tracks of the snowman going off into the distance….

  5. Alicia Says:

    Hurrah for Phil’s unflappability. Love your posts.

  6. Sally Says:

    I love this!

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