NYC, Again with the Snow


Again this morning, snow.


Here are a few images from our snows of the past month.

Esau waits for me in Riverside Park.


Dog prints on the retaining wall high above the park.

Who's been walking on the wall?

Who’s been walking on the wall?

In Morningside Park, a feral cat makes its way along the cliff near the iced-over waterfall.


The cat’s white legs look like little ice falls.


The pond in Morningside Park is sometimes frozen.


Other times, some kind of bubble machine prevents it from fully freezing.

Bubbling pools in Morningside Pond.

Bubbling pools in Morningside Pond.

After the snow, the sky clears and a hawk flies over the snowy landscape of Central Park.

Red-tail after a snowfall.

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8 Comments on “NYC, Again with the Snow”

  1. p hoey Says:

    Great photos–especially the astonishing one of granite cliff,
    frozen waterfall and small intrepid cat!

  2. Sarah Says:

    Your pictures are beautiful. Where is the waterfall in Morningside Park?
    I love to see your posts!

    • Thank you, Sarah! The waterfall is at the northwestern corner of the little pond, which is north of the ballfields somewhere around 112th-114th Streets. The water is turned on and off for the falls, so it’s not always visible. Birds love the pond. Depending on the season, it attracts night herons, Great egrets, Great blue herons, ducks (mostly mallards), coots, cormorants, geese, and more. It’s also home to an astonishing number of turtles, fish and bullfrogs.

  3. Charlotte Says:

    My, it looks cold. And more snow on the way, I hear. Love the cat paws and the dog’s little blue shoes!

    • It actually isn’t that cold. Temperature is supposed to drop tonight, though, which means it will all be an icy, slippery mess. Right now, it’s beautiful with the trees all dressed in white, but that too, has a down side as the heavy wet snow can easily snap branches.

  4. Tricia Says:

    My poetry chapbook Urban Wild is coming out from Finishing Line Press in May 2014. It contains poetry about wildlife in urban areas, including Isolde, the red tail, that you have written about. Would you have any interest in a PDF of the content to review or mention on your website?

    Urban Wild, a poetry chapbook now available from Finishing Line Press at This page includes reviews by three poets.

    Tricia Knoll
    Portland, Oregon

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