Raccoons Again


On a mild, clear evening a few nights ago, the dog and I entered Riverside Park. It was a little after 7 PM and thanks to the recent arrival of Daylight Saving Time, there lingered still the faintest trace of light in the sky. Down by the river, the last of the rush hour traffic coughed and roared along the parkway as the lights of New Jersey glittered across the Hudson.


We were seeking raccoons.

It had been many weeks since I’d seen the Riverside raccoons, and I was hoping the suddenly spring-like weather would entice them out of their cozy dens in the great retaining wall. And so it had.

A small face peeped from the entryway to an always-occupied den.


And a little further north, a large raccoon filled a small space near the bottom of the retaining wall.


The raccoon filled its hole like a living object in a Joseph Cornell box.


We walked on a brief distance, but saw no other raccoons before turning back. As we retraced our steps, the first raccoon was slowly emerging into the night.


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11 Comments on “Raccoons Again”

  1. haha raccoon condos!

  2. Mr. Mantooth Says:

    wonderful night creatures — wonder if they like jazz

  3. Charlotte Says:

    Why are raccoons so adorable and yet make such a fiendish sound?

  4. Sally Says:

    I love this! At my upstate house, sometimes Rocky climbs up the tree to get at the birdseed – as long as I remember to not leave TOO much seed in the feeders, I am always delighted to see him.

  5. Barbara Says:

    Raccoons in the city don’t have a lot of friends as a rule as I’m sure you and all your readers know. But in parks – they can live as wild critters and are curious, fun to watch and the babies are really cute. In the country, of course farmers dislike them, but if they don’t eat ALL my birdseed, I quite enjoy watching them. Not so the dogs – they would prefer nothing compete with them for my attention I figure. Great post Melissa… love the photos.

    • Do you have raccoon rabies as far north as you are? It’s such a problem in the northeastern U.S., although our Manhattan raccoons are currently rabies-free. Dog-raccoon tangles sound like something better avoided!

  6. cynthiamc1 Says:

    We had a raccoon that lived in one of our trees. He was ancient and finally passed away. I miss him. Thanks for sharing.

    • I know all the bad things about raccoons – and have experienced many of the downsides up close and personal when I lived in other places. But I find them to be fascinating animals, and I love watching them. Glad you do, too.

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