Urban Wild and Feral Life in Spring

Spring is officially here. Red-tails are nesting, peacocks are showing, and male mallards are acting downright crazy.

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Trees are still mostly bare, which means you can more easily spot wildlife.

And feral life. The feral cat colony in Morningside Park seems out of control this spring. The cats are everywhere around the pond, stalking  ducks and other birds.


But that’s a topic for another post.

For now, let’s put away the ice rescue ladder, and celebrate the arrival of another spring.


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7 Comments on “Urban Wild and Feral Life in Spring”

  1. Nico Says:

    Perhaps you spotted Pud reincarnated as a feral cat? No longer a window blocking him from his prey – now a rather janky Morningside fence! Those tasty birds will always be just out of his reach…

  2. virginiafair Says:

    We’re on the same wave length but not the same degree of spring and snow melt. Check out my last post! You might like the views of the Hudson i included.
    Also that feral cat looks like the kitten I got from a rescue group last year. He’s a year old now but the feral cat looks fatter than him!

    • I love your views of the Hudson, Virginia!
      My cats (no longer with us) were also feral kittens, and they were marvelous animals. I’m worried about the numbers of cats right now in the park, and feeling skeptical about Trap-Neuter-Release as effective feral cat population control – though I want very much to believe in it. The feral cats may not be fat, but they are certainly well-fed and healthy-looking. Lots of feeding by humans. Which doesn’t stop them from trying to eat the birds!

      • Andre Says:

        well they probably aren’t eating birds – they are just killing them based on instinct. the biggest problem with feral cats is that ppl feed them. if they had to hunt for their food – their population would be lower (and the birds and ducks would be killed less also).

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