Happy New Year (We’re Back)

Happy New Year, dear much-missed readers!

We’re posting again for the first time since last spring when we watched a White-throated sparrow dig up the park. Eight months is a long time to go dark, but we needed to focus on other work.

A hidden nest from last spring is easily spotted through winter's bare branches.

A hidden nest from last spring is easily spotted through winter’s bare branches.

We missed our readers, and we want to thank all of you for supporting Out Walking the Dog. We especially want to thank those of you, friends and strangers alike, who got in touch over the past months to say, “What’s going on? Where’s Out Walking the Dog?”

Well, we’re back!

The dog is looking a little rumpled after his New Year's Eve dissipations.

The dog looks a little rumpled after the dissipations of New Year’s Eve.

Actually, we’ve been here all along, the dog and I, smack dab in the middle of the city surrounded by the usual urban wildlife suspects. We just haven’t been able to write to you about it.

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In 2015, you can expect more tales of hawks, kestrels, raccoons, chipmunks, turtles, squirrels, coyotes, and so much more. Including rats, of course. More about those little urban devils soon, after I attend a local session of NYC’s “Rat Academy.”

On New Year’s Eve, the dog and I went looking for raccoons in Riverside Park. No creatures revealed themselves, although they were there unseen, sleeping, hunting, eating, grooming, and watching. The empty park was strangely quiet and the great stone stairs mysterious.


Out of one world and into the next.

Later we walked to Central Park to watch fireworks and cheer the runners of the annual midnight race.

Moving forward into a new year.

May the year bring peace and fulfillment, creativity and joy.

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22 Comments on “Happy New Year (We’re Back)”

  1. Just discovered your series and am enjoying all the back posts very much. I live in rural NH because of all the opportunities to see nature at work but glad to know there are equally amazing things to be seen in the Big Apple. And thanks for putting me on to Kelly Rypkema. Her video minutes are wonderful. I hope she has time to continue with them in her new job.

    As a fellow nature-lover you may enjoy some of the posts on my blog at Cereflections.com Start with the one titled Jaguars vs. Tigers -Equal Pay for Equal Work.

    • Thanks very much, Peter. And glad you enjoy Kelly’s work – I am certainly a fan. I’ll have to check in with her soon and report back. I checked out your blog – I loved your idea of having Cartier (and other such companies) pay for its use of a jaguar image by donating Big Bucks to environmental causes.

  2. camille manning Says:


  3. Laurel Says:

    Glad to see you and your cute litte dog both back!

  4. Great to see you back. Have a great 2015 – both of you :)

  5. Welcome back! Looking forward to your new posts in 2015

  6. fojap Says:

    I’m back in New York after several years away. One of the first things I noticed after returning is that there appeared to be a noticeable increase in rats. Personally, I love all animals and have no disgust over them, although I understand the need to keep the populations under control. On one of my regular walks through Central Park I often pause to watch a little rat family.

    Welcome back.

    • I actually find rats to be fascinating animals. I’m not happy about their presence in the city – my block is overrun! – but we humans have created the problem and can manage solutions. As with most “pest” issues, that will mean chaging the eay we deal with our trash. the problem and solution are up to us humans. The human-wildlife interface at its least glamorous and most gritty!

  7. Rena Mueller Says:

    I missed your wonderful posts! Happy New Year – and to all! Sweenya

  8. Rob Pavlin Says:

    All is finally right in the world again

  9. Kurt Says:

    We’re so glad your elegant writing is back. You’ve been missed. I’d like to think all the wonderful animals you cover are passing the word around to one another and sending out a big hooray all over town.

  10. Sarahc Says:

    Great to see you back! You have been missed.

  11. It’s good to see you back :)

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