Red Fox: Cape Cod in Winter


When we awoke this morning, we found we had been magically transported to an unfamiliar aerie overlooking Cape Cod Bay.


That’s what it felt like, anyway. The dog tried to figure out where he was.


Outside, strangely silent bluejays hopped about in the brush.

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Walking down Franklin Street toward the water, a flash of red streaked across the sidewalk and onto the front lawn of a house.

Our hearts beat fast.

We investigated, and found – be still, my heart –


a magnificent red fox.

Just hanging out in the driveway in the middle of Provincetown, like it owned the joint. The fox watched us, and we watched the fox for five or ten minutes.

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I’ve never seen such a tail. And such eyes. And such handsome black stockings.


After a while, the fox lost interest in us and resumed its morning business.  The dog and I, too, resumed our morning business, heading to the wharf.

But that’s a story for another post.


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18 Comments on “Red Fox: Cape Cod in Winter”

  1. p hoey Says:

    What a grand and glorious posting! Welcome back!

  2. Rose Says:

    He’s a very very handsome specimen, and, it’s lovely to see you posting.
    Happy New Year!

  3. Georgia Says:

    A gorgeous animal!

    • Isn’t it, though! Thanks for stopping by, Georgia. I look forward to the launching of the WSP Eco Map. NYC readers, you might want to visit Georgia’s blog for more urban ecology with a downtown focus.

  4. McPhilly Says:

    Spectacular portrait of the fox. That one may just be an all-time classic.

  5. Beautiful fox… You saw many of God’s golden gifts this morning.

  6. Tricia Knoll Says:

    We are so blessed that you are back telling your stories!

  7. Rena Mueller Says:

    What a joy! I would give anything to see a fox in its natural habitat…

    • Thanks, Rena. The last time I saw a fox was in London. Yes, London! They are everywhere there, and are considered urban pests, raiding garbage cans and so on. But they are gorgeous. Here’s the London post Urban Foxes in South London

    • Andre Says:

      I’ve seen a few in Westchester County, NY. I’ve also seen a brave one in Ulster County, NY walk right up to our car. Also on Fire Island, NY (off Long Island) I saw one out in broad daylight on the dunes. That said – you are less likely to see foxes as the coyote population increases. Just in the same way wolves keep coyote population down – so coyotes do to foxes. It’s the way of the natural cycle.

      • Yes, the pressures canine species exert on each other are intriguing. Cape Cod has coyotes as well as foxes, but friends in provincetown hadn’t spotted a coyote in a very long time whereas the foxes are EVERYWHERE this winter. The day after my sighting, my husband saw two foxes on a nearby street, one of which was a leucistic fox. In another fascinating twist, there appear to be a number of these on Cape Cod these days.I haven’t heard of foxes on Manhattan, but nothing would surprise me about the parks up in the northern reaches of our fair island. When my family used to spend time out on eastern Long Island, foxes were regularly spotted.

  8. Kurt Says:

    What a gorgeous & regal fox. Love the black stockings and the ‘-be still, my heart -‘ Magical post.

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