My Dog the Yeti: Effects of the Blizzard

After our morning blizzard walk, the dog and I hit the streets again mid-afternoon, shortly before NYC’s travel ban went into effect.

Upper Broadway was quiet.IMG_2380.JPG

On 108th Street, a flock of sparrows fluttered between bare branches and the shelter of a building’s decorative shrubbery.IMG_2383.jpg

Many more people were now in Riverside Park to sled on the fine slopes.IMG_2393.JPG

And yet the park had a ghostly look.IMG_2400.JPG

The dog contemplated the blizzard.IMG_2397.jpg

And I contemplated the dog, wondering what he sees.IMG_2404.JPG

A well-camouflaged squirrel munched on an unidentifable object.IMG_2410.JPG

Dark-eyed Juncos ventured out in search of food. IMG_2409.JPG

Heading home, the streets were empty.IMG_2412.jpg

Inside our building, I discovered the dog had transformed into a yeti.IMG_2421.JPG

And if not a yeti, then what? I ask you. What is this creature? What?IMG_2413.jpg

Slowly, the dog returned to his canine form. IMG_2416.jpg

Fully dog again and dry, the beast slept off the transformation.IMG_2376.JPG

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11 Comments on “My Dog the Yeti: Effects of the Blizzard”

  1. Reina Russle Says:

    This really is a lovely blog, found by chance after a google search about pigeons. I wish this blog could be resurrected. .

  2. theresagreen Says:

    You’re both very brave and hardy to venture out in that weather!

  3. Dawn Says:

    Love this blog and your dog. Where did you get that coat (looks toasty) and the booties (ours fall off).

    • Thank you so much, Dawn. I got the cost a couple of years ago at Pet Market on Broadway between 108th & 109th. They often have the booties as well, although I think I got those at Riverside Animal Hospital. They work very well, although they are a bear to put on at first.

  4. Barbara Says:

    Love both these stories about New York in the storm… and your special yeti-dog-creature, Am glad you are well and on the “net.”

  5. Camille Says:

    Welcome back!

  6. Mr. Mantooth Says:

    one of your all-time greats
    welcome back — you’ve been missed

  7. Sally Says:

    Love it!

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