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Fall is Coming

October 4, 2011

How do I know? I read the signs of the city.

Wall sitters wear long sleeves.

Thinning trees let the river peep through.

The dog is a walking seed dispensary,

from his head

to his tail

Sparrows in camo poke around in the underbrush.

Fall flowers abound.

Art work surprises. (AM:PM. To me, that means: NOW.)

Berries delight.

But hold on a minute, do you see that burr on the left, pushing its way into the photograph?  That bad burr?

Oh no, not a burr cluster!

Don’t let me get started on burrs.  As the poor dog knows all too well, being a seed dispensary is one thing, being a burdock mule is quite another.

A cyber-friend, Tricia Vita, who tracks all things Coney Island on her wonderful blog, Amusing the Zillion, tells me that the roots of burdock are edible.  She refers me to a recipe with photos and claims that Marumi Restaurant on LaGuardia Place makes the best burdock in a dish called Gobo. Hmm.  Dining on the dog’s nemesis seems like fine revenge.

But I digress.  Burrs will do that to a person.  Where was I? Yes, signs of approaching autumn.

The peacocks have lost their tail feathers

and the man on the street is wearing autumn brown.

Strangely, rumor has it temperatures will be up near 80 degrees again this weekend. Well, maybe the hula hoopers of summer can have one last go before they lose their midriffs to an accumulation of sweaters and jackets.


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