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Peacocks By Design

March 12, 2014

New York City’s three Cathedral peacocks have already begun their annual spring courtship displays in which they unfurl their insanely long, dazzling tail feathers, hold them up in a giant fan, and rotate slowly to enchant the ladies. Here is a video I took a few years ago of one of St John the Divine’s peacocks in fine form.

The boys will be displaying like this all spring and summer, but who do they hope to woo? The nearest peahen is several miles away at the Central Park Zoo or the Bronx Zoo (from which one of the pealadies briefly escaped in 2011).

Still the peacock boys display to anyone and no one.  Yesterday, the white peacock was showing his tail in front of the shed that serves as their roost, while one of the blue peacocks stood alone at the end of the steep driveway, just a few feet from Morningside Drive, with his tail in full sail.

Tails furled or unfurled, peacocks seem to have an innate design sense.

Here the white peacock displays a striking horizontal elegance.


Down the driveway, his friend advocates for the power and beauty of the vertical.


For more on the Cathedral peacocks, stay tuned. Or visit our archives.

It’s April in NYC, Let’s Ditch the Plow

April 18, 2013

Here are two favorite spring posts from years past:
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April in Morningside Heights. Time to …

Raise the plow.

Raise the plow on 110th and Columbus.

Raise the plow on 110th and Columbus.

Wait a minute. “Raise the plow?!” It’s April, people, let’s just ditch the freaking plow!

Time to go to the laundromat. Apparently, it’s been a long winter.


Time to show some baseball love.


Time to play ball.


Or learn to play ball.



Time to kayak the Hudson.


Time to fight.


These two male mallards were seriously going at each other.


Hormones are raging in the spring, and there seem to be many unattached male mallards hanging around in Morningside Pond, getting into trouble.


Time to cuddle. Those hormones, you know.


And when you look this fine, it’s always time to strut your stuff.


Phil, one of three resident peacocks at the Cathedral of St John the Divine


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