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Central Park Coyote News: Trust me, he’s not who you think he is

March 20, 2010

Please visit the Unknown Urban Hipster for a surprising, illustrated interview with the Central Park coyote.  The wild dog turns out to be one cool cat, and older than he looks.

The Hipster also provides some terrific links, including to a short film about German artist Joseph Beuys and his 1974 NYC performance piece, I Like America and America Likes Me, that featured Beuys and a (supposedly) wild coyote together in an art gallery for eight hours a day over three days.

I have been trying to find out where the Beuys coyote came from and what happened to him or her after the performance, but have come up empty-handed. The Central Park coyote speaks briefly to the Unknown Hipster about the performance, and claims the Beuys coyote was “an asshole.”

Thank you, Unknown Hipster, for the illuminating interview.

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