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Water Tower Drama: Hawk versus Crow

November 26, 2011

I am trying to work, when the cawing of crows catches my attention. Grateful for the distraction, I rush happily to the window.

A crow perches on a water tower.

A crow perches on a water tower.

Nice, but why the loud caws?  Aha! Just a little further east, a red-tailed hawk is perched on another water tower.

Red-tailed hawk perches on water tower.

I grab the camera, knowing an everyday avian drama is about to unfold.  The first crow has been radioing for reinforcements, and back-up soon arrives.

Two against one; crows on the left, hawk on the right.

When the second crow is in place on the water tower, the first soars off to launch an attack.

The attack begins.

 Two more crows gather on neighboring water towers and rooftops. Cawing loudly, they seem to serve as cheerleaders for the first two, which take turns harassing the hawk.

Crow prepares to dive bomb red-tail.

The crows work in tandem, swooping in on the hunkered-down hawk.

Watch out!

The crows land on the dome of the water tower, beneath the hawk. Just as it appears that an uneasy peace may have been reached, the crows take off and launch another attack. This time, the beleaguered hawk has had enough. It spreads its wings, and takes flight, heading east.

Enough, already. Uncle, uncle.

The small flock of crows flies off towards the southwest, having established temporary dominion over one of Manhattan’s top avian predators.

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