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Herons, Swans and Coots on Long Island

March 29, 2012

Mecox Bay on the East End of Long Island is home to herons, osprey, kingfishers, mute swans, and an array of ducks and shore birds that change with the seasons. Here are a few photos from a quick trip earlier this week.

A Great blue heron hunted in a regular spot, protected from the wind.

Sunset poured pink light all around the bird, the dog and me.

The next morning, swans revealed a less elegant side of their lifestyle.

A 16-bird strong armada of American coots bobbed about near the shore.

They seemed to be relaxed and disorganized, some going this way, others going that way..

But as the dog and I drew closer, they moved into formation,

and formed an orderly platoon with a scout at the lead.

I always enjoy watching coots, whether in Oregon, Texas, British Columbia or Long Island. But I usually see them alone or in very small groups. Perhaps this is a migrating flock that has stopped for a rest and to refuel.

As I resumed my walk, the swans were back at it.

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